Mistral Associates Advertising Services for a more enlightened RAC industry!

Ever wonder why Advertising costs so much?  Mistral did. So we decided to rectify that!
Place Ads with Mistral for as little as £600/700€ a year up to a maximum of just £800/900€!
Photos, animations, videos, scrolling pdf files, trade catalogues, website URL - all accepted.

Advertising Tariff

Advertisement PlacementPresentation Advertisement Link Location Annual fee Places available
(each program)
'Pole Position' Timed rotation Airwind, Coldwind or Linewind £800/900€ 5
'Pole Position' Timed rotation Cellwind or Prepwind £750/850€ 5
RAC Equipment Selection programTimed rotation Coolwind, Compwind, Condwind, Packwind, Splitwind or Valvewind £700/800€ 5
RAC Equipment Selection Database Static position 365 days RAC Product Range. Titled selections results page £600/700€ 1,700+
Mistral 'on-line Magazine' Static position 365 days www.mistralassociates.com £600/700€ 50

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